UDC celebrates National Sport Day at The Pearl Island with GRSIA, Qatar Cool

United Development Company (UDC), one of the leading Qatari public shareholding companies and the master developer of The Pearl and Gewan Islands, has celebrated National Sport Day in participation with the General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority (GRSIA), and Qatar District Cooling Company (Qatar Cool).
The event took place simultaneously in Costa Malaz and Porto Arabia districts, where employees, residents and visitors of all ages took part in a variety of sports, entertaining and challenging activities. The activities included a run race, walkathon, fitness exercises and challenge games, among many other recreational activities.
The event was attended by Ibrahim Jassim Al-Othman, UDC President, CEO and Member of the Board and Yasser Al-Jaidah, CEO of Qatar Cool along with members of Executive Management, senior officials and employees of all participating establishments.
On this occasion, Turki bin Mohammed Al-Khater, UDC Chairman and President of the General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority, urged participants to embrace sports as a lifestyle, noting that it will help protect them against chronic diseases and their dangerous complications. He said: “National Sport Day promotes awareness of preventive health notions and instils a culture of ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ among community members. Thus, I invite all participants to engage in sporting activities as a daily routine rather than on certain occasions, in order to build a vibrant society in line with the State’s development policies and National Vision 2030.”
Turki bin Mohammed Al Khater indicated that National Sport Day has established its importance of embracing sports as a lifestyle in a way that enhances physical and psychological health.
He further said that Qatar was a pioneer in raising the profile of sports through its National Vision 2030 and its National Development Strategy, noting that National Sport Day enhances awareness of the concept of health and safety, and nurtures a culture where sport is a way of life. He added: “This year’s Sport Day carries a particular importance as it comes months before the Qatar World Cup 2022, which is considered the largest international sporting event hosted by the region.”
He called on all employees and retirees to participate in National Sport Day activities and to make sports an essential part of their daily lives to build a prosperous society that enjoys health and safety.
For his part, Ibrahim Jassim Al-Othman, UDC President, CEO and Member of the Board, said, “National Sport Day translates the Nation’s belief in the importance of sports, by focusing on promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. These values further fulfil the objectives set by the Qatar National Vision 2030’s human development pillar.
“UDC continues to promote sports through its events, with the aim of cementing the Country’s position as a regional sporting hub. The large turnout further translates participants’ belief in the values that the National Sport Day aims to improve human wellbeing.”
Highlighting the contribution of sports to public health, Othman called on employees to continue exercising, which will boost their energy and increase their productivity.
Every year, UDC hosts public sports-related events across The Pearl Island to encourage residents and visitors to partake in sports activities. The Pearl Island remains an ideal location to lead a healthy lifestyle with plenty of green spaces, public parks, sea-facing facades, and various amenities and gym facilities that support a broad range of indoor and outdoor recreational activities across the Island.

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