SASO calls on consumers to check green label ‘Taqyees’ placed on measuring devices

The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has called on the consumers of the necessity to ensure the presence of the green label “Taqyees” to be placed on the measuring devices and tools in all commercial sectors.

SASO said that it is also important to check the data placed in the devices through the “Ta’akad” application.

The Taqyees label is mandatory for all commercial activities in which its transactions, from buying and selling, require a measurement process to determine its value, such as the gold, oud, food stores and more.

The label aims to create a fair commercial environment that preserves the rights of both consumers and traders.

SASO said that ensuring the accuracy of the measurement is done through the presence of the green label of Taqyees in the measuring devices, through which, beneficiaries can scan the barcode via the Ta’akad app to check on the validity of the sticker.

If the beneficiary did not find Taqyees label on the measuring devices, or in the event they find that it is in red color, then this means that the device is considered to violate the specifications, and its data is inaccurate.

SASO stressed the importance for the establishment owners to adhere to the requirements of the Calibration and Measurements Law Taqyees.

The Authority also called on manufacturers, importers and users of measuring devices to approve the model of their devices and to register on the electronic Taqyees platform via the link:







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